Sewing Classes School Holiday Worshops

 Sewing Classes for - Teenage/ Junior
Learn2sew  3 day Workshop
 Queensland  School Holidays .
Tweed Heads -Coolangatta  Studio
Gold Coast - First Workshop  starts -
MONDAY 3rd April to , 5th  April  2017 NOW  AVAILABLE
Sewing Classes - Learn2sew  Sewing  School runs Holiday sewing classes for Beginners  these workshops are for Teenagers and Juniors  for 9 years to 15 years old.

 L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio our Sewing Classes held in School holiday  periods are workshops that  run for 3 consecutive days including Lunch and morning teas.

These Sewing Classes and Workshops  Times are  9am - 3.30pm 

We teach our students all the correct  sewing techniques and methods used in construction  of a  garments.

Our student Learn Dressmaking and  How to sew garments  at the same time we will teach them how to use a Sewing Machine and an Over Locker 

Sewing Classes for Teenager / Junior
Learn2sew N S W School Holidays
3 day Workshops  
-Tweed Heads - Coolangatta Studio
Sewing Classes Tweed Heads We have scheduled Workshops every School  Holidays 
NSW  - First week 10 th April to 12th April 2017

 L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio at our Classes  all our students will do 3 projects while doing the Learn2sew Sewing School Workshops creating a pattern of a skirt to fit our students ,students will be creating  and fitting a toile , then designing and  learning to sew  a Fashion cushion then learning to  sewing a skirt of their own design in their choice of fabrics.

The first project  in our  Sewing Classes at Learn2sew  Sewing School   will be to learn to design a cushion  for their own bedrooms using  the different embellishment  and techniques  they will then learn to sew on a sewing machine  

The second project  in our  Sewing Classes at Learn2sew  Sewing School  will be creating a block pattern to fit to the students measurements then they will create a toile which  will be cut in calico and learning to  sew  and construct  so the garment can be fitted on student and corrected on the Block skirt pattern.

The third project in our Sewing Classes at Learn2sew  Sewing School we will do a design of a skaters skirt or an A line Skirt,  she will then cut out  and make on her sewing machine and overlocker her skirt in her choice of  fabric using all techniques she has  learnt in class to create her first Design Project that will fit her perfectly.



Sewing Classes at Learn2sew - Pattern Making Classes 4 week Workshop NSW- Tweed heads/ Coolangatta Studio 

Start Dates : Friday 17th MARCH 2017

Times  9.00am - 1.00pm  {4 hour class }

 L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio : Our  Sewing School We will introduce our learn to 2sew students into Pattern making during our Beginners sewing classes where they will learn to create a Block pattern of a Skirt.

Learn2sew Sewing School  Students can then enrol in our Beginners Pattern Making classes to further their knowledge about the art of pattern making and how to create different Patterns .

 At Learn2sew  Pattern classes we  run three modules> where they will be taught  the three Principles of Pattern Making

Sewing School Beginners Pattern Making > Module  one - Manipulation of Darts , creating fullness and gathers creating Skirts

Sewing School - Intermediate Pattern Making > Module Two - Creating Gathers and Fullness  in Shirts, tops , Blouses ,Sleeves and Collars

Sewing School - Advanced Pattern Making> Module Three -  Creating Contours

in fitted  bodices of  Dresses and Gowns.


Sewing Classes  at Learn2sew - Advanced Pattern Making Classes

NSW- SYDNEY  2 day Fast track Workshops-  held at our Middle Dural  Studio

Friday 24th March : Thursday 6th April  2017

Times Start Dates  9.00am - 3.30 pm  { 2 x 3 hour lass }

 NSW -SYDNEY  3 Day  Saturdays only Fast Track Workshops held at our Middle Dural  Studio 

Start Dates : Saturday  25th March ,8th April  and 15th April  2017

Times  9.00am - 3.30 pm  { 2 x 3 hour  class each day }

Advanced Pattern Making> Module Three -  Creating Contours

in fitted  bodices of  Dresses and Gowns creating dress Toiles  and Block patterns to your sizing . Creating collars and sleeves for dresses

New Classes Coming up soon

Learn to Crochet and Learn to Knit work shops scheduled for June and July

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L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio contact  Mobile :+61413824019

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