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L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio has Sewing Classes , this  Fashion Sewing  School has been operating  for 4 years on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Congratulations on taking the first step to Learn Dressmaking at our Learning to sew  Sewing Classes you will learn the ancient  hand craft of sewing which is centuries old before sewing machines all our clothing was hand made.

At our Learn to sew Sewing  classes and you will gain a lot of knowledge from our experienced Designer  and Sewing Teacher  who has worked in Sydney as a Fashion Designer  and Pattern cutter for the past 25 years.

Lori Courtney opened her own Fashion Sewing Studio after 25 years hands on experience as a Head Fashion Designer then teaching Fashion Technology at a private Fashion college on Gold coast for five years.

Previously Lori  from L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio had worked for well known High end labels such as Lisa Ho making Celebrity Evening gowns as well as day wear and sportswear for David Lawrence and Jigsaw for over 25 years.

Previously Lori had owned her own  a successful Children’s wear label for 10 years where she supplied her own retail shops as well as manufactured and supplied for main stream department stores such as David Jones and Georges in Melbourne and many boutique stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Cocktail dress from Dress Sewing Class

L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio you will learn many  great skills to  bring out your creative flair as well as learning to sew  we will   introduce you to art pattern Cutting which is a key part to understanding how to learn Dressmaking and Learning to Sew beautiful clothing.


L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio  we runs many  types of classes in our Sydney and Gold Coast Sewing Classes and Workshops , we teach students from  Beginners to Advanced levels  in both learning Sewing and Learning Pattern Cutting


At the L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio we run School Holiday 3 Day Fast Track Workshops where we teach Teenage and Junior students from ages 9 years to 16 years old  the art of dressmaking we give them an Introduction into what Designing Clothes and learning to  Sew what it   is all about.


 L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio our Sewing School Business  Classes are for those who are  wanting to Learn Dressmaking to create  garments to sell on line and start their own  clothing labels.

At our different Sewing courses we will teach you where to start you help you lo start your little business

At L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio we have Sewing Courses for "Business Workshops" we cover all areas of Design ,Sketching,Fabrication, Textiles,Sewing techniques and garment construction and learn dressmaking skills  so you can create creating your own Label.

Contact us on Email :learn2sew.lori@gmail.com

L D Design Pty Learn2sew Studio contact  us on Mobile :+61413824019